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Vote for us in the CCA

Good news: We have been selected as candidate in the final round of the Community Choice Awards, in the category “Best project for gamers” – a big “Thank You” to everybody who nominated us!

Now we need you again: Please give us your vote in the final round again! You can at the same time also vote for other projects in several other categories. Click here to vote, with ScummVM pre-selected. Community Choice Awards 2009

Just wanted to alert you of the fact that once again, is running its Community Choice Awards program. You can nominate any project listed on or Freshmeat. And of course you can nominate ScummVM! Just use the button below to nominate us (I suggest as “Best Project” and “Best Project for Gamers”).

As you may recall, we won CCA 2007 in the category “Best project for gamers”. Among the prizes was a donation made to the EFF in our name (and as a result a free EFF T-Shirt for me, yay!), and this “wonderful” toy (which produces terribly annoying sound and has no other useful function, but nevertheless, or maybe because of this, almost always attracts the attention of first time visitors):

Noisebot CCA 2007
Noisebot CCA 2007

First Post!

This is the first post to my new blog, and I guess it’ll be rather boring (whether this refers to this post or the whole blog remains to be seen). For now, I am not even sure how and whether I will make use of this blog, but given that we are now forcing asking all our GSoC students to run a blog detailing their progress through the summer, I figured it was only fair if I made the effort, too. Of sorts at least.Ah well, maybe I’ll use this to report on some of my work on ScummVM, or my mathematical research, or whatever else. Most likely, though, it will end up as dead and boring as 99.9% of the other blogs out there… Time will show 😉